San Clemente, CA, May 09, 2017 –(– Construction Contracting and Surety Construction Support for 2017 is following its predicted pattern of growth. With the recent years being fairly successful in the writing of performance and payment bonds. Without significant loss trends, the industry is responding by offering more aggressively underwritten surety bond lines of credit across the country.

Now combine this with the mounting construction revenue bonds that have and are being passed by voters throughout the country and you have a near perfect storm for General Contractors, Specialty Contractors and Service and Supply Contractors to benefit with larger or more accessible surety bond programs that will support significant profitable growth within their industries.

States, Counties, Cities and school districts in nearly all through the U.S. have passed and allocated funding of new and renovation construction projects. Much of these allocations require minority, local small business or disadvantaged business enterprise participation. By adding in the recent years of relatively low losses and profitable margins for the surety industry that has created the returning cycle of lower rates and easier qualifying standards, there is a huge amount of surety backed profitable contracts available to the contractors that want to go after it.

If any General Contractor, Subcontractor, Supply Vendor, Install Specialists or Service Contracting Business has ever contemplated going after public works, now is the time to strike. Don’t get left at the gate in the chase for such a large volume of business. Talk to a professional Surety Agent today and find out how you can participate in the surety supported world of public contracts.

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