WASHINGTON, DC – The U.S. Small Business Administration announced on Wednesday its most active surety companies and agencies for fiscal year 2019, which contributed to increases in the Surety Bond Guarantee (SBG) Program’s activity.

“The SBA is very fortunate to partner with sureties and agents with a shared vision of assisting small and emerging businesses,” said Peter C. Gibbs, Director, SBA’s Office of Surety Guarantees. “Every year I am amazed by the level of commitment from our partners to increase opportunities for the small business community.”

The SBA’s Surety Bond Guarantee Program, in direct partnership with surety companies and their agents, provides surety bond guarantees for small businesses on federal, state, local and private projects. Commercial construction, service and supply contracts and subcontracts are eligible if the contract requires a surety bond.

In FY 2019, the SBA’s guaranteed bid and final bonds were more than $6.4 billion in total contract value. With the work of the SBA’s top-performing surety partners and bond agencies, over 1,900 small businesses were assisted and over 30,000 jobs were supported.

The standing of each surety partner and agent was determined by the number of bond guarantees they wrote through the SBG Program.

The top-performing surety partners for FY 2019 are:

American Contractors Indemnity Company, Calif.
United States Fire Insurance Company, Pa
U. S. Specialty Insurance Company, Calif.
Travelers Casualty & Surety Company, Conn.
United States Surety Company, Md.
Markel Insurance Company, Texas
Developers Surety & Indemnity Company, Calif.
Contractors Bonding and Insurance Company, Wash.
Navigators Insurance Company, N.J.
The Guarantee Company of North America, Mich.

The top-performing bond agencies for FY 2019 are:

CCI Surety, Inc., Minn.
KOG International, Inc., N.J.
Nielson, Hoover and Company, Fla.
The Fedeli Group, Ohio
Valley Surety Insurance Agency, Calif.
Preferred Bonding & Insurance Services, Calif.
Pinnacle Surety & Insurance Services, Inc., Calif.
The Surety Place, Ariz.
Brunswick Companies, Ohio
Capstone Brokerage, Inc., Nev.

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