MAY 13, 2017, WASHINGTON, D.C.— The Surety & Fidelity Association of America (SFAA) released its annual Preliminary 2016 Top 100 Reports for both the surety and fidelity markets. The separate reports display the total premium of the industry, and the rankings of the top 100 surety and fidelity writers. The premium and loss results of each writer are shown. The premium and loss results are based on the premium and loss information contained in the statutory annual statement of each carrier.

“These reports indicate that more people than ever are purchasing surety and fidelity bonds, and insurers continue to protect taxpayers and consumers. In 2016 the surety industry protected approximately $590 billion with surety bonds and $560 billion with fidelity bonds.” said SFAA President Lynn Schubert. “As we prepare for the possibility of increased infrastructure spending, along with the multitude of issues our society faces on a daily basis, such as cybercrime, surety and fidelity bonds are relevant and valuable more now than ever. The SFAA’s goal is to educate government agencies, policymakers, banks and financial institutions, contractors, businesses, and the public on the benefits of bonding. Simply put, surety and fidelity bonds protect taxpayers, consumers and businesses.”

Additionally, although there have been some significant changes in the rankings, both the top five surety and fidelity writers remain the same from 2015 to 2016. The top five surety writers were Travelers Bond, Liberty Mutual Group, Zurich Insurance Group, CNA Surety Group and Chubb, Ltd. The top five fidelity writers were Chubb Ltd., Travelers Bond, American International Group, Great American Insurance Companies and CNA Surety Group.

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