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  1. A mature, Surety Agency solution utilized by hundreds of agencies both in the United States and internationally. Bond-Pro has improved this product over past 25 years rendering major 8 releases, and invested over 100,0000 hours of development time.
  2. A traditional, installed Windows Application connected to a centralized SQL Server within an network environment of your choosing. Compatible with Remote Desktop & Virtual Desktop servers products including Hyper-V, VMWare, and Citrix
  3. A familiar, easy-to-use, Windows interface that enables users to work more efficiently by quickly searching and navigating between records without the frustrations of refresh lag and consistent connectivity often times associated with web based applications.
  4. Commercial, Bid, Contract & Fidelity Bond Lifecycle Management in a single system and unified interface eliminating the large overhead associated with maintaining multiple systems that are traditionally siloed and not integrated
  5. Comprehensive Surety Agency functionality including Submission, Underwriting, Issuance, Servicing, Collateral, Lightweight Document Management, Bond Accounting including Invoicing and Payments fostering reduced integration needs/costs and accelerated implementation times

Provides complete and real time visibility and communications between all personnel and departments. Life Cycle Management includes requests,bids, execution, riders, and renewals/cancellations. All Bond accounting functions are managed within the software including AP/AR, sliding rates, sliding maintenance, automatic fees, etc. User defined rules for default calculations based on bond, carrier, principal, etc.

Provides full analysis of financial statements, including calculation of key metrics and ratios for multiple years, working capital to net worth ratios and debt to equity ratios. Status tracking and alerts for audited, compiled & reviewed financials. Evaluate subs and affiliates financials in concert. Quickly assess aggregate exposure, aggregate work program amounts, and risk alerts

Our professional forms manager provides the most flexibility of any product in the market by easily importing, populating, configuring,
editing and processing Bonds and Custom forms in both PDF and MS Word file formats. Our Forms Library contains in excess of 12,000 forms, and is continually updated.

Surety specific claims and collateral processing, tracking and reporting. Manage and report on collateral including status of active, released, drawn, or expired. Apply and manage collateral against claims.

Complete bond A/P & A/R, cash in suspense, over and underpayments, direct collect, sliding rates, sliding maintenance, automatic fees, commissions, etc. User defined rules for default calculations based on bond, carrier, or principal. Automatically calculates and alerts on reserve level requirements on either set dollar amounts or percentage. Ability to track and report real time loss ratios and profitability by bond type, agency, principal, etc

Even the best management system is rendered useless without the ability to report on your data when and how you want. It is for this reason alone that Bond-Pro has gone to great length to provide a comprehensive reporting interface with many standard reports. Our Custom Report Writer enables you to design your own reports and save them into Bond-Pro’s Report Center for continued re-use. Not a programmer? Don’t worry, Bond-Pro’s Custom Report Writer is easy to use and requires no programming or database knowledge


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