Bond-Pro Enterprise NextGen (NG)

Introducing the Next Generation of Total Surety Automation

Take a Giant Leap Forward in Surety Technology with Bond-Pro Enterprise NextGen


  1. Newly engineered from the ground up, utilizing state-of-the-art, high performance technology and architecture: multi-tier scalable, fully web based, responsive, zero footprint client, services oriented architecture, and conforms with the latest information technology, security & compliance best practices
  2. A streamlined, easy-to-use, interface accessible anytime & anywhere by geographically dispersed executives, underwriters, CSRs, agents, and direct principals via an internet connection and web browser
  3. Commercial, Bid, Contract & Fidelity Bond Lifecycle Management tightly coupled with Account Lifecycle Management within a single system and one unified interface eliminating the large overhead associated with maintaining multiple systems that are traditionally siloed and not integrated
  4. An enterprise grade application that thoroughly addresses all aspects of Surety including Submission, Underwriting, Issuance, Servicing, Claims, Collateral, Reinsurance, Hard Power Management, Lightweight Document Management, Bond Accounting including Invoicing and Payments fostering reduced integration needs/costs and accelerated implementation times
  5. Workbenches for quickly and efficiently managing application, account, bond and claims related approvals and tasks
  6. Graphical dashboards that presents key performance indicators all in one place. Allows business users to quickly and accurately determine account management metrics and operational efficiency goals
  7. Completely automate the underwriting, processing, delivery and payment of thousands of bond types based on credit scores, financials, and industry risk profiles. Producers and principals can easily submit bond requests, make payments and instantly receive fully executed bond documents. Our patent pending configuration system allows sureties to efficiently build, change and modify automated underwriting rules, as well as automate incentive programs based on an array of factors to drive incremental premiums.
  8. The first phase of the Bond-Pro B2B Surety Hub which will enable agencies to directly pass data transactions from their surety agency systems to Bond-Pro NG carrier customers instantaneously at the click of a button. This eliminates the dual entry they continually face today having to rekey into increasing number of carrier portal interfaces
  9. Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) that streamlines integration to other enterprise systems and supports data connections from multiple parties in multiple ways including Accounting, Claims, Policy, CRM, and Document Management Systems in addition to legacy/homegrown systems.

A visual, highly configurable workflow engine that reliably facilitates automated decision making & instant issue bonds, business process management & enforcement, triggering of scheduled jobs, tasks, alerts and notifications providing countless benefits with respect to implementation acceleration, a reduction in on going system maintenance & administration, increased capacity, revenue growth and lowering operational costs.

Create automatic electronic notices to ensure receipt of updated financials, WIPs, and other documentation. Set customizable alerts based on events to notify internal users, producers and principals.

Portal interface that allows agents and principals to submit, communicate and manage bond requests, instant issueing, renewals, riders, payments, financials, work in progress, and reports.

Major improvements to Contract Surety including Electronic Account Application Submission & Underwriting, Account Lifecycle Management, tightly coupled Risk & Rate Tiers, streamlined Bid execution, monitoring and conversion to one or more final Performance, Payment, Maintenance and/or Other Bonds, expanded Job Monitoring & Management capabilities, Work In Process (WIPs) & and Financials Statement Analysis with configurable ratios

Configurable financial formulas & ratios enabling close conformity with established underwriting guidelines and the capture & incorporation of wisdom. Bond-Pro Enterprise NG reduces the time, effort, inaccuracies and risk associated with manual data entry. It’s plug-in infrastructure enables data connectors to be developed and easily added that automatically gather information from multiple sources including credit agencies (i.e. Equifax, TransUnion), industry related organizations (i.e. RMA), government, (i.e. OFAC), and/or your Enterprise Services Bus

Surety specific claims and collateral processing, tracking and reporting. Manage and report on collateral including status of active, released, drawn, or expired. Apply and manage collateral against claims.

Manage, track and report on multiple reinsurance treaties. Generate ceded premiums and losses; automatically calculate amount due reinsurers based on treaties. Enforce Limits by bond reinsurance categories. Set alerts on reinsurance treaty amounts

Complete bond A/P & A/R, cash in suspense, over and underpayments, direct collect, sliding rates, sliding maintenance, automatic fees, commissions, etc. User defined rules for default calculations based on bond, carrier, or principal. Automatically calculates and alerts on reserve level requirements on either set dollar amounts or percentage. Ability to track and report real time loss ratios and profitability by bond type, agency, principal, etc

Mature functionality addressing unique Surety specializations (i.e. subdivision, reclamation, customs, etc.), arrangements, and complexities including various Reinsurance Agreement Types, Co-Surety, Assumed Business, Fronting, Ceded Premiums, Subrogation, and different levels/categorizations of Underwriting Authority layered among a intricate combinations of Employees, agents, agencies and accounts; Thus eliminating shadow systems (i.e Excel, Homegrown, “square peg, round hole” alternates, etc.) and the many frustrations stemming from layers of workarounds

Our professional forms manager provides the most flexibility of any product in the market by easily importing, populating, configuring,
editing and processing Bonds and Custom forms in both PDF and MS Word file formats. Our Forms Library contains in excess of 12,000 forms, and is continually updated.

Electronic power of attorney interface to manage the issuance, use and reporting of powers to producers along with storage of digital and electronic signatures

Even the best management system is rendered useless without the ability to report on your data when and how you want. It is for this reason alone that Bond-Pro has gone to great length to provide a comprehensive reporting interface with many standard reports and dashboards



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