The following is a compilation of answers to common questions we that we are asked regularly.

General Questions

The Agency Portal is a feature of Bond-Pro Enterprise NextGen that enables Carriers and MGUs to provide web access to appointed agencies and sub-agencies through a branded interface (typically integrated with their central agency center authentication system) and provides secured access to specific capabilities including application submittal, bond issuance, renewal processing, and production reports. The Bond-Pro Agency Edition is a product offering available to agencies who need an their own internal system for managing the Surety Life cycle. Agency Edition provides a similar interface experience but is tailored & limited to the needs of bond producers rather than underwriters.
No. However, Bond-Pro can handle all other types of Surety including Commercial, Bid, Contract and Fidelity Bonds. Additionally, Bond-Pro includes functionality supporting specializations including subdivision, reclamation and customs bonds.
Yes. Bond-Pro Enterprise NextGen automatically saves the data so that it can be recalled wherever the wizard control is leveraged (i.e. account applications, bond applications and processed bonds, product configurations, etc.).
Yes. This is a huge advantage of Bond-Pro NG. You can configure the rules/calculations using our new Surety Analytics functionality gathering credit information from multiple sources (i.e. Equifax, TransUnion etc..) for multiple principals including mixtures of both businesses and individuals.
Yes. Bond-Pro Enterprise NG minimizes transaction costs by enabling you to set minimum credit report age settings from within the Account settings and/or Bond Product configuration.

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