Bond-Pro Enterprise NextGen®

  1. Newly engineered from the ground up, utilizing state-of-the-art platform technologies & tools
  2. Fully Web Based, Responsive, Zero Footprint Browser Client
  3. Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) that streamlines integration and interoperability with other enterprise systems and supports data connections from multiple parties in multiple ways including Accounting, Claims, Policy, CRM, and Document Management Systems in addition to legacy/homegrown systems.
  4. Multi-tier design supporting your installation topology, scalability, performance, fault tolerance, & availability requirements
  5. Conforms with the latest information technology, security & compliance best practices
  6. On-Premise & Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)/hosted delivery options available

Bond-Pro Professional

  1. Mature solution, consistently improved over past 25 years rendering major 8 releases
  2. Windows based, desktop installed application
  3. Client-Server topology communicating with a centralized SQL Server database
  4. Compatible with remote desktop & virtual desktop server platforms including Hyper-V, VMWare, and Citrix
  5. Proven reliability & performance within enterprise, high volume environments

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