• Bond-Pro Professional Development Started

    A Surety Carrier Decides To Begin Development Of A System For Underwriting Surety & Managing Account & Bond Life Cycles.

  • Bond-Pro Professional Released (Version 1)

    The First Version Of Bond-Pro Enters Production At An Insurance/Surety Carrier.

  • Bond-Pro Agency Edition Development Started

    Bond-Pro Professional Modified To Handle The Specific Functionality Needs Of Surety Agencies.

  • Bond-Pro Agency Edition Released (Version 2)

    Agencies Begin Using Bond-Pro Agency Edition.

  • Bond-Pro Version 3 Released

    Bond-Pro Upgraded From DOS To Windows.

  • Bond-Pro Version 4 Released

    Enhancements & Fixes To Mitigate Potential Year 2000 (Y2K) Date/Time Issues.

  • Bond-Pro Version 5 Released

    Full Support For Windows XP; Bond-Pro Database Upgraded From Flat Files To A TPS Relational Database Management System (RDMS).

  • Bond-Pro Version 6 Released

    Maintenance Release Which Included User Interface & Functionality Enhancements.

  • Bond-Pro Version 7 Released

    Full Support For Windows Vista; Document Generation Engine Upgraded To Support Adobe PDF Files.

  • Bond-Pro Version 8 Released

    Relational Database Management System (RDMS) Changed From TPS To Microsoft SQL Server; Agency Web Portal Introduced.

  • Bond-Pro Is The Only Vendor To Offer A Full Suite (Including Bond Management, Claims And Billing) Designed Specifically For The Surety Market.

  • Bond-Pro Enterprise NextGen (NG) Development Started

    Development Begins Rearchitecting Bond-Pro Professional To Become Web Based; Consolidation Of Carrier & Agency Products Into A Single Platform.

  • Bond-Pro Version 8.5 Released

    Bond-Pro Professional Enhancements; Automated Underwriting Added To The Agency Web Portal

  • Bond-Pro Enterprise NextGen® (NG) Version 9 Released

    First Release Of NextGen; Web Based System Administration, Business Setup/Maintenance & Various Platform Toolkits Including An Improved Forms Designer

  • Bond-Pro Enterprise NextGen® (NG) Version 9.4 Released

    Web Based Account & Bond Application Management

  • Bond-Pro Enterprise NextGen® (NG) Version 10 Released

    Web Based Account & Bond Life Cycle Management; Workflow, Analytics, Business Intelligence, Workbenches

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